Raven | Windermere Jetty



Furness Railway Company named Raven after the Biblical story of the prophet Elijah being fed by ravens. She was built to take supplies to the remote farms, houses and hotels around the lake at a time when the only other means of transport was by horse and cart over very poor roads. During winter Raven acted as an ice-breaker for the Furness Railway passenger steamers.

Competition from road transport meant the end of Raven’s career as a cargo ship in 1922 and she was sold to Vickers Armstrong for testing mine-laying equipment. In the 1950’s she was nearly broken up, but local people rescued and restored her to working order.

In 1971 the boiler and engine were overhauled and Raven steamed down the lake on her 100th birthday.

After more than forty years on the water as a museum boat, Raven has now been taken out of the water in order to be stabilised in line with our conservation management plan and is awaiting further conservation. The engine will be on display in the main museum.

Builder T.B. Sheath & Co. Rutherglen
Length 71 ft 10 inches (21.7m)
Beam 14 ft 9 ins (4.5m)
Hull Riveted Iron
Engine Single cylinder bore 8", stroke 12"
Speed 10 mph (16 kph)