Slingsby Falcon 1 Glider | Windermere Jetty

Slingsby Falcon 1 Glider


This Glider was developed from a conversation between TC Pattinson and FS Short of Short Brothers who were struggling with designing an off-water glider. Pattinson’s knowledge of seaplanes led him to design and build the modifications of the Slingsby Falcon 1 Glider in 1936. Modifications were carried out to the glider supplied by Slingsbys of Kirbymoorside, Yorkshire, adding larger Slingsby wings and creating a stepped hull and wing floats to Pattinson’s design.

On 3 February 1943, TC Pattinson carried out the first test flight from Windermere, pulled behind the Chris Craft Moana. The glider took off successfully but the tow line did not immediately disengage, when the line finally came loose and the glider flew and landed successfully. A successful second attempt 5 days later was piloted by Wavell Wakefield, the England Rugby team captain and director of the Air Training Corps.

The glider will be suspended overhead in the new exhibition space so you can see its interesting hull design as you explore the collection.