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White Lady II


This speedboat was built as Whyteleaf III and raced on the Thames and abroad before coming to Windermere in 1936. New owners Derek Tinker and JE Lumb modified the boat to meet Windermere racing rules and renamed her. White Lady II made national headlines when she sank on Windermere in June 1937 during a race. She was discovered, salvaged and restored in 1982. Her lightweight double diagonal hull is made from layers of diagonal wood sandwiched with a waterproof linen membrane. Not many boats of this design have survived.

White Lady II will be on display in the new museum from opening.

Builder Unknown
Designers Hubert Scott-Paine and Fred Cooper, British Power Boat Company
Length 21ft (6.5m)
Beam 5ft 6in (1.7m)
Hull Mahogany, plywood, Irish linen
Engine Scripps 5.5 litre (6 litre from 1931),135hp at 3,000rpm
Speed 55mph (88.5kph)