Conservation Progress - November | Windermere Jetty

Conservation Progress - November

Penelope II is now the main focus for the Conservation team, who are restoring her ready to be used for boat trips when the Museum opens.

Penelope II was built by Borwicks of Bowness for a local family and used mainly to follow the Royal Windermere Yacht Club races. With a straight bow and cruiser stern, Penelope II looks like a traditional Windermere steam launch but she has always run on a motor engine.

As part of her restoration which began in October 2017, the team have already removed her fitout items from the hull, stripped the internal paint and varnish and removed the cabin. This has enabled her new timbers to be steam bent into shape and replaced in the workshop. Once all of the new timbers are in place, Penelope’s hull will be turned upside down in order to replace the keel and repair the planking.