Osprey Passes her Boiler Inspection | Windermere Jetty

Osprey Passes her Boiler Inspection

The heritage boiler inspector, Andrew Reen, visited Wray Castle boat house at the end of May to carry out a 'working inspection' of SL Osprey’s steam system. We’re pleased to say he was impressed with the work that has been done and passed her ‘fit to operate’.

This successful inspection means we can now go ahead with sea trials, which Senior Conservation Boat Builder, Stephen Beresford and his team will conduct in a way that mirrors the future operating model for the boat as closely as possible.

This will allow them to determine steam up and steam down times, coal consumption, waste arisings and snagging items.  It will also help to develop the operating procedures and familiarise the team with the vessel. These sea trials should take place over the coming weeks.