Osprey is Reintroduced to the Water | Windermere Jetty

Osprey is Reintroduced to the Water

The Windermere Jetty team reached a fantastic milestone on 11 January, placing Osprey into the water for the first time for almost 10 years. Steam Launch (SL) Osprey was built in 1902 in Bowness and after many years out of service, she has required extensive restoration to bring her back to her former glory.

Osprey is probably one of the first in a series of classic Windermere steam launches and is the sister ship to Swallow, also part of the Windermere Jetty collection. She was originally built for private use but spent many years in service as a passenger boat for the Bowness Bay Boating Company from 1948.

Following many weeks of planning, moving Osprey from the conservation workshop (where her restoration work has been taking place) down into the water took two days. During the morning of the 11 January the weather was ideal, with calm waters and low wind which allowed Osprey to be gently driven into the water on a trailer. Osprey's re-introduction allowed the conservation team to carry out testing, check for leaks and allow her hull to 'take up' water. She has now been taken down the lake to a boathouse in Windermere until the weather is warm enough to steam up her engine. Once testing and snagging is complete, Osprey will be officially re-launched in a commissioning ceremony.