Plain Sailing! | Windermere Jetty

Plain Sailing!

Historic boats get ready for their big day.

Conservation work on several historic vessels is gathering pace at Windermere Jetty.
One of the first boats to move from conservation to the new museum is the gem of the collection - Branksome.
Built in 1896 as a luxuriously designed vessel for use on Windermere, Branksome is a unique example of Victorian panaché and engineering.
Extensive work to this opulent steam launch is almost complete and she'll move into the museum early summer.
Stephen Beresford, senior conservation boat builder, said: “It will be amazing to see Branksome move from conservation to the museum itself. We have had three conservators working on her solidly for the past year and the craftsmanship from the team has been first class.
“It will be very satisfying to move Branksome to the museum. We’ll all feel a sense of pride to achieve such a fantastic restoration of this flagship vessel.”
Work on Osprey, another key boat in the collection, continues to surge forward at a rate of knots.
The Windermere Jetty team reached a fantastic milestone in January when Osprey was placed into the water for the first time in almost 10 years.
As soon as the weather improves her sea trials will get underway. The vessel will receive her first coal in a decade and will power across Windermere under her own steam. The team will assess her performance on water.
The official launch of Osprey will take place as part of Windermere Jetty opening celebrations later this year. Visitors will be able to sail on Osprey as she becomes fully operational and a key highlight of the Windermere Jetty experience.
Other vessels destined to return to the water following conservation are Jane (1937) and Penelope II (1928). Motor Vessel (MV) Jane is a motorboat built by the Chris Craft Corporation of Florida, USA. With her eye-catching Art-Deco good looks, she is sure to be popular with visitors.
Meanwhile, structural work on the hull of Penelope II continues and progress on the new keel is going well.